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Do you have ALL the equipment you need?  Do you Still have high scores Even though you have the latest gear?  Do you have trouble with Up and Down scoring in your game?  Are you frustrated at the state of your play & don't know what to do about it?

What works?   Learn ALL the skillsPractice Them and immediately Play better...


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Coaching is different from typical instruction/teahing:

Instruction is communicated one way to the student.  Teaching is communicated  one way with testing to make sure the communicaion worked.
Coaching is two way communication with reinforcement from all angles of communication and all aspects of how new skills are used and renewal of old skills that need reinforcement!


Personal Golf Coach focus:

1)Swing Mechanics, 2)Game/Shot Mgmt,
3)Mental/Emotional Ctrl  

Where All Three are combined in every lesson!


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To Break Any Barrier in Golf you need:

- An Understanding of the golf stage you're at and what is reasonable to expect from it.
- Solid Swing Mechanics for your golf stage.
- Good Game & Shot Management...
- Good Mental & Emotional control...
- Commitment to Practice and play Golf.

It's about Proper Expectations for the Golf Development Stage you're at:

The Contact Stage - learning golf to get good ball contact with all clubs. 

The Recovery Stage -  learning to get back on track to get to the target. 

The Target Stage - learning how to use every club to get to the target.

The Playing Stage -  learning how to play the game and have fun with it.  
The Betting Stage - learning to test your skills to compare to ole man par.

Competition Stage - learning to test your skills to beat to ole man par.

The Thinking Stage - underatanding what it takes to consistently win.

The  Automatic Stage - understanding how to be zoned in to win often, On the Course, Where It Matters!

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Philosophy-Coaching is MORE than Instruction or Teaching, Swing Mechanics, Game/Shot Mgmt & Self Control!  

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Selected products that help at each stage.

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More to come on:

More Mental golf products in future...

More Specialty Skill products in future...

Contact us at (510) 917-6442,  
Email Coach RickPGAPro@gmail

Best yet we Do answer the phone...

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